Thermal Insulation Contractors

Our team can assist with any thermal insulation request, from advice to complete onsite installation

What do we do when installing thermal insulation?

We design, install, and maintain all forms of thermal insulation for energy conservation, frost protection, condensation control, personnel protection, pipework and ductwork services including tanks, vessels, and cylinders. This can also be applied to air conditioning trunking, boilers, and hot or cold water storage tanks.

Save energy, save on the cost, increase health & safety

The main purpose of applying this insulation is to conserve energy. Save on the financial and environmental cost of generating the energy to heat or cool the water.

Thermal insulation provides protection

Our application of insulation stops those areas from becoming intolerably hot or cold and protects against scalding from hot bare pipes and from condensation forming and dripping around cold-water pipes.

Quality H&V thermal insulation

We carry out Heating and Ventilation (H&V) thermal insulation. This includes applying different types of sectional insulation to pipework which carries hot and cold water and steam and chilled water around buildings to the point of use.

Tailored insulation designs

Depending upon your specification about the degree of heat retention required, we can offer various types of insulation ranging from a rockwool or fibreglass product to a ridged foam-like product.

Finishings and coverings

Several finished coverings to thermal insulation are available, such as aluminium cladding or plastic cladding found within boiler rooms and plant rooms to PIB (polyisobutylene). These coverings protect against extreme weather that affects external pipework insulation and provide a high-quality aesthetic finish.

Request a more information on our thermal insulation installation service

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How we do thermal insulation installation

This is what a typical process for thermal insulation installation can look like and has been refined and proven over the years. It is designed to save you time and money.

We’ll work with you from the initial stage of your requirements from design to installation and finish.

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Experienced and qualified insulation installers

We have a team of fully qualified and DBS-checked professionals, so you know your project is in good hands.

We cover a wide variety of services including:

  • Advice and consultancy
  • Detailed drawing designs
  • Material calculations
  • Heat loss and insulation thickness calculations
  • Manufacture of insulation jackets for valves, pipes and fittings
  • Complete onsite installation

What do you insulate?

We insulate any pipework, trunking or vessels such as boilers or water tanks.

Where do you carry out this work?

Predominantly in commercial environments such as hospitals, hotels large office blocks, factories etc

Why do you carry out this work?

The insulation conserves energy, thus reducing the production of greenhouse gases.
The insulation controls the transfer of heat, keeping heat in, in the case of, for example a hot water tank or keeping heat out as in the case of air conditioning trunking.
By conserving the energy that is used to produce heat or cool the owner will substantially save on energy costs.
Insulation also prevents occupiers being scalded by touch of hot or cold pipes etc, or being subjected to a too hot or too cold working environment. Employers are obliged by law to control the temperature of an indoor working environment.

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