Asbestos Surveys & Testing

Quality asbestos surveys conducted by expert surveyors

About our asbestos surveys

Amstech offer a wide variety of UKAS accredited Asbestos Surveys. Our experienced surveying team are on hand to advise you on the exact survey you require and are here to guide you through the process from initial enquiry to the results of your report. All of Amstech’s surveys ensure that you comply fully with all current legislation.

Types of asbestos surveys

Asbestos management surveys

For homebuyers before purchasing a new home

Asbestos surveys for the management of asbestos in commercial & industrial premises

For the ‘Duty holders’ compliance with the law (CAR 2012). This survey will cover you for general routine maintenance within your property.

Asbestos refurbishment surveys

We cover all property types with anything from small, specified area inspections to major refurbishment projects.

Asbestos demolition surveys

Fully intrusive surveys to any building type for compliance before a building’s complete demolition.

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How we do an asbestos survey

This is what a typical process for asbestos surveys can look like and has been refined and proven over the years. It is designed to save you time and money.

We will work with you from the initial stage of your enquiry to the reporting of results.

Enquiry received
Survey booked and undertaken
Lab testing and QA check
Report issued
Survey booked and undertaken

Experienced and qualified asbestos surveyors

All of our surveyors are DBS checked, fully qualified to the current industry standards (p402), and have extensive experience surveying potentially hazardous asbestos materials. From residential homes to large industrial buildings, we have the expertise and resources to handle the task.

We offer all types of asbestos surveys including asbestos management, refurbishment and asbestos demolition surveys, and periodic asbestos inspections (as required by the asbestos register).

Surveys you can trust

You can be assured that all of our surveys are UKAS (Inspection body No. 0350) and ICO/ IEC (17020) accredited. We always ensure all works carried out using the standards laid out in HSG 264 Asbestos: The survey guide and HSG227 A comprehensive guide to managing asbestos in premises.


Is my home likely to contain asbestos?

Any building built before the year 2000 has the potential to contain asbestos. Asbestos can be found in various places of a home such as pipes, flues, roofs, sprayed coatings, textured ceilings, insulating board, floor tiles, water tanks, lagging on pipes and boilers and textiles.

What do I do if I discover asbestos during work on a site?

If you suspect there is asbestos present you should stop work immediately, seal off the area, put a warning sign up and keep the area clear. Once you have reported the find, you should have this sampled and tested to confirm if there is asbestos and if so, what type of asbestos is there.

Can I identify asbestos?

Asbestos requires specialist P401 qualified analysis within a laboratory identification utilising microscopes. When it comes to accurately identifying asbestos, it is always safest to leave this to professionals.

If asbestos is found in my property, do I need to have it removed?

No, but it must be managed for safety; if asbestos is in good condition and kept undisturbed, it is actually safer to leave it as it is. It is important to be aware of asbestos within your property in case you have work planned that could potentially disturb it.

Can I bring a sample to you?

Yes, all samples received must be safely double bagged, and they will be processed through our in-house laboratory within 24-48 hrs.

Do you cover my area?

Yes, we are nationwide.

How much will my survey be?

Depending on the work, we constantly review the marketplace to ensure we offer the best value whilst refusing to compromise on the quality service provided.

How quickly can you survey my site for asbestos?

We will always try to ensure we deliver service within your required time frame.

Amstech have always provided a quick, reliable, efficient and Value for money service to us. When an extra survey or urgent sample is required at short notice or some additional information is required, it is always provided with no problem. Amstech have a ‘can do attitude’ who treat us and our tenants / leaseholder with respect and professionalism. Where we have had large projects requiring the service of Amstech, they have always accommodated our needs.
Steve Dicks
Homes First - Eastbourne Homes and Lewes District Council

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