Asbestos Emergency Call Out

When asbestos emergencies arise, Amstech can respond rapidly and efficiently 24/7.

What to do if you have an asbestos emergency?

If you have an out-of-hours emergency call us on:
Surveying/laboratory  07786437751
Asbestos removals 07584164063

We understand that asbestos can pose a big and alarming problem. If you have urgent concerns, please call our team and we can instruct and attend site.

Any essential works can be undertaken out of hours

For anything else do fill in the form below and a member of our team will call you back during working hours.


I’m not sure if I have disturbed asbestos what should I do?

Whenever you have concerns about asbestos, we are happy to take your call and provide you with information on what steps to take next and how to stay safe. When in doubt about asbestos, always ask!

How quickly can you come to an emergency case?

We provide an emergency service so that 24/7 we are available for you. Once you have told us about your emergency asbestos situation, Amstech mobilises quickly and efficiently to ensure we have you covered.

Do you provide your services on weekends and bank holidays?

At Amstech we are very flexible and can work around your needs.

I have an asbestos related emergency what do I do now?

If asbestos has been disturbed, ensure everyone stops what they are doing and leave the area. The area that has been contaminated needs to be sectioned off and you must call a professional to come and advise.

Can I remove asbestos myself on my property?

Asbestos can harm the health of yourself and those around you when it is not handled correctly, it is incredibly important for a safe and fully qualified team to come and remove this for you.

Is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos can be dangerous if disturbed; fibres are released and can be breathed into the lungs, posing a health concern.

Asbestos surveying
Whether its surveying, planned or emergency works, Amstech are always there for us. It is very reassuring to know that whatever situation arises we can rely on Amstech and are truly grateful for their ongoing support.
Alexandra Bassey, Project Surveyor
Lewes District and Eastbourne Borough Councils

Asbestos image licence accredited to Flickr