Ensuring accuracy and confidence at a world-famous cultural venue

Glyndebourne, nestled in the countryside of the South Downs, is a renowned setting
for some of the world’s finest operatic performances. Opera-lovers flock to Sussex to
enjoy music in this unique venue.

South downs
General photography at Glyndebourne, East Sussex, UK. 22nd June 2018 Photograph by Sam Stephenson, 07880 703135, www.samstephenson.co.uk.

As an estate, the buildings of Glyndebourne have grown and evolved over the years,
combining innovative modern architecture with a charming legacy. The site is a
complex mixture of buildings – from the main opera house itself to warehousing,
office space, hospitality and residential quarters.
As with many historic buildings, there is a need to manage the presence of asbestos,
previously used in now-outdated building techniques. Each situation must be judged
carefully. Recording, protecting and maintaining older structures can often be the
best approach, rather than removal – which may be complex, impractical, expensive
and no safer a solution than careful management in situ

The importance of data and recording

To manage asbestos, accurate and up-to-date record-keeping is absolutely
imperative, in order to satisfy legal requirements and to safeguard staff, contractors
and visitors.
The Glyndebourne team approached Amstech to help establish a thorough, accurate
approach to surveys and record-keeping that is fit for the future.

Overall the experience of working with Amstech has been excellent, they’re a very organised and professional company who deliver what they say they will on time and more importantly within the agreed budget. I would highly recommend Amstech to anyone.

Building a deep understanding of the challenge

We met with Glyndebourne’s management to take a thorough look at the available
records. We discovered the survey data was well over 15 years old, in paper folder
format, and, critically, not compliant with HSE guidance or CAR2012. The previous
external consultant was not accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.
Following several years of ad hoc sampling and analysis, we agreed with our client
that the approach previously taken was not fit for purpose. We agreed that Amstech
would help Glyndebourne bring its asbestos management up to date and up to full

Demonstrating Amstech’s thorough approach

We demonstrated the Amstech survey approach to our Glyndebourne clients,
showing how our detailed room-by-room methodology ensures accuracy.
These surveys generate safety-critical data, which is then loaded into Amstech’s
online portal. This highly accessible system enables building managers and
contractors to quickly access overviews as well as specific details to help them
understand, manage and plan with confidence and safety. The system incorporates
a log, so that personnel and previous interventions can be identified prior to any
maintenance or design work

Opera House
Interior of auditorium at Glyndebourne with no audience, and house lights up.

Stage 1: Survey and inspection

We began with thorough management surveys throughout the site, guided by a time
frame we established for this important stage. The works were completed by a team
of P402-qualified surveyors and the samples analysed in Amstech’s UKASaccredited laboratory by P401 analysts

Stage 2: Data management

Then, in conjunction with the input of data through the online portal, we trained the
Glyndebourne team in its use. We combined this coaching with asbestos awareness
training for Glyndebourne’s whole maintenance team. This thorough, inclusive
approach ensures that the right people have access to the right information at the
right time – a vital part of ensuring safety for all and compliance with regulation.

Stage 3: Control measures

Now, for the first time, the Glyndebourne team had full, accurate, timely visibility of
the asbestos presence within their estate. This informed discussions with our
asbestos control experts to ensure an approach to asbestos control that was most
appropriate and most effective.

General photography at Glyndebourne, East Sussex, UK. 22nd June 2018 Photograph by Sam Stephenson, 07880 703135, www.samstephenson.co.uk.

A robust plan for the future

As an historic estate like Glyndebourne continues to plan for a thriving future, so
must its management of important asbestos controls. We have agreed an ongoing
programme of assistance, advice and reinspections that ensures a robust, dynamic
and secure approach that will continue to provide confidence and compliance long
into the future.

A successful project for Amstech and Glyndebourne

The various stages of the project were completed in the required timeframe
• Building managers now have the visibility and control they previously sought
• Compliance with regulation and best practice has been re-established
• An ongoing relationship with Glyndebourne has been agreed

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